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About Us

The Morelli name has been in the Alberta Oil Patch since 1969. A pioneer in the Power Tong and eventually the Pickup and Laydown service industry.  In 1996 under the company name Pipe Wranglers Canada Inc., entrepreneurial and innovation thinking of Vince Morelli improved the Pickup and Laydown industry by his design and manufacturing of the first Hydraulic Catwalk.  The Li’l Wrangler was introduced into the industry. The Catwalk was refined and began to be used around the world. Vince and his team developed four different models. These being, Li’l Wrangler, Big Brother, Li’l Tripper, and one that was built for the Mad Dog project.

In 2007 Pipe Wranglers Canada was sold to Forum, a company in Texas.

Late August 2011, Custom Pipe Handlers Canada Inc was incorporated. Vince and his eldest son Nicholas Morelli began their new adventure back into the Pipe Handling Industry.

Vince wanted to create a new 2012 Hydraulic Catwalk, with the enormous assistance from his partners Accuform Welding, new designs began to emerge using state of the art new technology and incorporating out of the box thinking. Hence, three new designs were born, Hercules for the Land Drilling, Brutus for the smaller Drilling Rigs, and Zeus for the Offshore market

In 2013 Custom Pipe Handlers Canada sold the rights to their Intellectual Property to another company. With his Non-Compete expiring, again old and new customers are looking to the Morelli’s for innovation, thus the creation of; Custom Pipe Global Consulting Inc. Connecting with previous and new customers is priority one. Upgrading them to 2020 technology will be the plan as we move forward. Innovation, and out of the box thinking will lead their entrepreneurial spirit!

Proactive today for a safer tomorrow.

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The Commander

Design Features:

  • 40Ft long deck
  • Standard unit weight 19,500 lbs
  • 4,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Able to handle from 2 3/8” to 13 3/8” tubulars
  • Catwalk is equipped with Superior Rigs patent pending VTPS (Variable Trough Position System)
  • Catwalk can reach any rig floor from 4Ft up to 40Ft (with extensions)
  • Catwalk can handle range III tubulars
  • Hydraulic hoses contained within a cable carrier
  • Easy access to HPU
  • 75 HP Tier 4 diesel engine
  • 3 trough kickers for DS & ODS
  • 3 pipe rack indexers for DS & ODS
  • Skate system travels full length of trough
  • Pipe rack indexers can reach 18” pipe racks
  • Wireless class 1 Div2 remote with LCD screen
  • Leveling jacks on all 4 corners
  • Standard manual belly jacks
  • Custom colors available upon order
  • Hydraulic cooling system
  • Financing options available!

The commander is a rugged catwalk that is built to last. The commander is designed as a trailer but can be configured into a Skid model as well. The Commander is equipped with everything you’ll need to complete the job safely and on time.

All Catwalks built by Superior Rig will now be equipped with the patent pending VTPS which stands for Variable Trough Position System, Superior Rig designed it to give operators access to more than just a few pre-determined trough set points. The VTPS has NO pre-determined positions and is only pivoted by a single point. No longer will crews need to use a multi-step process to change the troughs position. The VTPS has a single pivoting member that connects the arm and trough, this pivoting member never comes detached from the arm and trough.

To set a new height conventional catwalks either require a multi-step process or requires the operator to place him or herself in harms way by manually handling the main pivoting pin. The VTPS eliminates both of these by only needing 1 step to position the trough at a new height. Because the VTPS has no pre-determined positions and is not fixed or locked to a hole or teeth the VTPS can also be adjusted while the trough is fully extended.

All catwalks that offer multiple trough height positions MUST be positioned while the trough is nestled in the frame. The Superior Rig Catwalk is the first of its kind that breaks this mold, because of its design the VTPS can be adjusted while the trough is extended to the rig floor. The VTPS will allow the operator to either lower the trough, raise the trough, extended the trough, or retract the trough giving the operator an immense amount of control of the catwalk that has never been offered before.

The VTPS can be connected to a PLC system to automate its movements from a push of a button on an HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen, this will allow the operator to move the catwalk autonomously.

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Spring Bumper Block


On hydraulic Catwalk systems; Skate/Chain abuse is occurring more and more each day. Repairing the Skate/Chain is a substantial task and can be very costly. These damages occur during laying down operations. When the Catwalk Operator mistakenly does not bring the skate all the way up to control the tubular and leaves it at the back of the trough, the tubular will slide back colliding with the Skate/Chain introducing an enormous shock-load. The skate system is not meant for this kind of jolt and WILL fail over time, creating a severe hazard.


With minor alterations, this Spring Bumper Block can fit almost any Hydraulic Catwalk. Simply store your Skate at the back of your trough, and install the Bumper Block in the position to catch either Range ll or lll Drill Pipe. Now, operators can let the tubulars slide down the trough without worrying about damaging equipment. With the added Teflon on the front of the Bumper Block this will eliminate damage to the pins. The CPGC Bumper Block will speed up your operation, and enhance your entire pipe handling operations.

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