About Us

The Morelli name has been in the Alberta Oil Patch since 1969. A pioneer in the Power Tong and eventually the Pickup and Laydown service industry.  In 1996 under the company name Pipe Wranglers Canada Inc., entrepreneurial and innovation thinking of Vince Morelli improved the Pickup and Laydown industry by his design and manufacturing of the first Hydraulic Catwalk.  The Li’l Wrangler was introduced into the industry. The Catwalk was refined and began to be used around the world. Vince and his team developed four different models. These being, Li’l Wrangler, Big Brother, Li’l Tripper, and one that was built for the Mad Dog project.

In 2007 Pipe Wranglers Canada was sold to Forum, a company in Texas.

Late August 2011, Custom Pipe Handlers Canada Inc was incorporated. Vince and his eldest son Nicholas Morelli began their new adventure back into the Pipe Handling Industry.

Vince wanted to create a new 2012 Hydraulic Catwalk, with the enormous assistance from his partners Accuform Welding, new designs began to emerge using state of the art new technology and incorporating out of the box thinking. Hence, three new designs were born, Hercules for the Land Drilling, Brutus for the smaller Drilling Rigs, and Zeus for the Offshore market

In 2013 Custom Pipe Handlers Canada sold the rights to their Intellectual Property to another company. With his Non-Compete expiring, again old and new customers are looking to the Morelli’s for innovation, thus the creation of; Custom Pipe Global Consulting Inc. Connecting with previous and new customers is priority one. Upgrading them to 2020 technology will be the plan as we move forward. Innovation, and out of the box thinking will lead their entrepreneurial spirit!

Proactive today for a safer tomorrow.