Historically, placing a worker on top of Pipe Racks to maneuver tubulars has been used around the world but has been deemed very dangerous. New strict industry regulations that are being discussed will make the CPGC SideWinder a credible tool that will bring safety to the fore front. Whether you’re running tubulars on Land Rigs or Offshore Rigs, the CPGC SideWinder will only enhance your operation. The SideWinder consists of three major components; Tiering Unit Frame; Secondary Unit Frame; and the Auger Motor Drive Unit. The Tiering Unit Frame is also a waste collection tray. This drive design feature will capture all fluids that may be used to clean the threads of the tubulars. The Tiering Unit can scissor upwards and downwards to the different required
heights. This is where the tubulars are racked and can be delivered to the catwalk unit and in reverse when laying down tubulars.

Operation of the SideWinder is very simple. When a tubular is needed, you’ll raise the Tiering Unit up or down to the active Tier of tubulars. Once the Tiering Unit has the tubular, you can now travel to the catwalk to present the tubular to be sent to the rig floor.


  • Waste Fluid Collection Tray
  • Tiering Unit
  • Auger Position Uprights
  • Eliminates “hands on” work
  • Takes the man off of the pipe rack
  • Eliminates hazardous working conditions
  • Tiering Heights: 18 inches – 18 feet
  • Air/Hydraulic Operation

Enhancing your drilling operation on Land or Offshore has just been simplified by installing the SideWinder.