Spring Bumper Block


On hydraulic Catwalk systems; Skate/Chain abuse is occurring more and more each day. Repairing the Skate/Chain is a substantial task and can be very costly. These damages occur during laying down operations. When the Catwalk Operator mistakenly does not bring the skate all the way up to control the tubular and leaves it at the back of the trough, the tubular will slide back colliding with the Skate/Chain introducing an enormous shock-load. The skate system is not meant for this kind of jolt and WILL fail over time, creating a severe hazard.


With minor alterations, this Spring Bumper Block can fit almost any Hydraulic Catwalk. Simply store your Skate at the back of your trough, and install the Bumper Block in the position to catch either Range ll or lll Drill Pipe. Now, operators can let the tubulars slide down the trough without worrying about damaging equipment. With the added Teflon on the front of the Bumper Block this will eliminate damage to the pins. The CPGC Bumper Block will speed up your operation, and enhance your entire pipe handling operations.